Where the Leaves Fall Purple

”What does where the leaves fall purple mean?” Ben Miller has a problem. He’s in his final year of university with nothing to show for it. His true crime podcast only has a handful of listeners and he’s starting to lose hope. His only true supporter is his best friend (and not-so secret crush) Janie, a drama student with aspirations of becoming an actress. When Ben’s gets it into his head that he needs an exclusive story to boost listenership, Ben asks Janie if she will become a “missing person” so he can document finding her on the podcast. Little does Ben know, his one act of deception will set off a dangerous chain reaction and spin a story that Ben isn’t sure he’s ready to tell.

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Saturday Mar 25, 2023

Veronica, Wyatt, and Ezra pick up the pieces after their fallout with Ben. How far are they willing to go to protect themselves and their loved ones? The Caller is revealed. 

Saturday Mar 18, 2023

After learning the truth about what happened to Janie, Ben must face the people closest to him, ending in an explosive confrontation. Meanwhile, the police get a visit from someone close to the case. 

Episode 10: Redacted part 2

Friday Dec 02, 2022

Friday Dec 02, 2022

Ben learns the rest of the story after the events of November 6th. As we get closer to the final chapter, shocking revelations are made as we find out what happened in between the moments we already heard the caller tell. 

Episode 9: Redacted part 1

Monday Nov 21, 2022

Monday Nov 21, 2022

Ben finally learns what happened to Janie and Daniel at the cabin from a surprising source. 
This episode contains scenes of sexual assault, domestic abuse, biphobia, and violence. Listener discretion is advised. 
Please note that from 2:33 to 19:25 may be especially distressing for some. The themes continue after this point but are in discussion as opposed to depicted. For a full scene-by-scene summary visit www.wtlfp.com/episodesummaries
Domestic Violence: 2:33-3:08 (Daniel grabs Janie’s arm), 14:20-19:25 (Daniel and Janie get into different physical altercations, emotional abuse situations congruent)
Sexual assault: 7:02-7:49 (SA scene), 7:50-9:20 (discussion aftermath)
If you or anyone you know are affected by themes or topics in this episode, we have resources available for multiple of our listener’s countries/continents at www.wtlfp.com/resources

Friday Nov 04, 2022

Ben takes a deep dive into his past with Janie, leading to some startling revelations. 

Episode 7: Fame and Infamy

Thursday Oct 13, 2022

Thursday Oct 13, 2022

Ben witnesses the public reaction to his podcast firsthand, but he and Veronica can't seem to find Ezra to share the news with. Wyatt is asked to write a speech for Daniel's Vigil. Daniel's mother stirs up trouble. 

Episode 6: The Second Choice

Thursday Sep 29, 2022

Thursday Sep 29, 2022

Ben continues his investigation of the people around him. Wyatt asks Veronica for help getting Ben off his back. Skylar comes on the podcast for an interview. 

Episode 5: What About Wyatt

Thursday Sep 15, 2022

Thursday Sep 15, 2022

Ben and Veronica deal with the aftermath of the situation in Hawkes Park. Ezra has an unsettling interaction with Wyatt, leading to the group to wonder: does Wyatt know something about Janie's disappearance? 

Announcement and Contest

Thursday Sep 01, 2022

Thursday Sep 01, 2022

A note from the show. We're on hiatus until September 15th. But don't despair! We have a contest for you!
Enter to win a Where the Leaves Fall Purple prize by telling us your theories on what happened to Janie and Daniel. 
All you have to do is follow us on either: 
Twitter (wtlfp_podcast)
Instagram (wheretheleavesfallpurple)
Facebook (Where the Leaves Fall Purple)
TikTok (wheretheleavesfallpurple) 
Tumblr (wheretheleavesfallpurple) 
And post on that platform what your theory is using the hashtag #wtlfpguess
The contest starts September 1st and the contest will close at midnight (PST) on September 14th. 
We can't wait to see what you come up with! 
September 1st-

Thursday Aug 18, 2022

Ben and Ezra have their first guest on Ben's podcast who shares a shocking story about Daniel with them. Veronica finds a concerning package left on Janie's doorstep and goes on a mission to find out who sent it. The police conduct a wellness check. 
Please note this episode contains themes of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and death. Viewer discretion is advised.  


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